JNE Environmental presents to the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group (MESUG)

JNE Environmental presents to the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group (MESUG)

June 5, 2017 — Last week, JNE Environmental was invited by one of our customers to present our containerized DAF based wastewater treatment system, designed and supplied by our experts, to 30 members of the Municipal Enforcement Sewer Use Group (MESUG).  This group consists of Municipal Environmental Officers, By-Law Officers, Wastewater Operators, Environmental Technicians, Managers, and Administrators across Ontario.

The event was a great opportunity for JNE Environmental to present the entire history of this system, including the design, formulation development, manufacturing, installation, and long-term operation to members of the sewer bylaw enforcement group.  After the presentation, we fielded an open question and answer session, discussing the challenges that many industries face when deciding whom to trust when selecting partners to supply their wastewater treatment systems.

Another popular topic was the importance of operator awareness and commitment, as enforcement officers will often see capable systems not meeting sewer bylaw limits due to lack of a dedicated operator or operator turn over, insufficient involvement, or training.  Through our continued process support, chemical sales, and ability to provide on-site training, JNE Environmental can minimize these problems for our customers.

The feedback from the presentation was very positive.  Many of the municipalities present commended our all-encompassing approach to wastewater treatment, noting that our capability to design and supply the process, equipment, chemistry, and service is unique.  Similarly, the enforcement officers were impressed with our containerized system and we even had the privilege of being described by the City of Toronto’s sewer bylaw team as the “right guys” to solve industrial wastewater treatment problems.  We look forward to presenting to the MESUG organization at future gatherings.

JNE Environmental has the expertise and resources to take a project from conception — from formulation development and compliance plan sign-off — right through to manufacturing our own processes, installation, commissioning, and operator training.  If you are interested in a complete wastewater treatment system, please do not hesitate to contact us today for a free, no-obligation site visit.

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