Automated Polymer Make-Down Units Improve Wastewater Treatment Efficiency

Automated Polymer Make-Down Units Improve Wastewater Treatment Efficiency

June 27, 2018 — An environmental and sustainability solutions group based outside of Ottawa, Ontario approached JNE Environmental to supply two PM-2000 polymer make-down units as components to a larger wastewater treatment system. This system, once completed, will be supplied to a Canadian mining company in Northern Ontario. JNE Environmental was selected for the project because of the smaller physical footprint of our units, as well as very competitive cost.

The automated units, take granular, dry polymer and mix it with water in a fully automated and controlled, load cell measured way to produce the liquid wastewater treatment polymer that our customers rely on. This automates the usual manual process and ensures that there is always a fresh batch of liquid polymer readily available, saving the client time and manual labour.

The JNE PM-2000 automated polymer make-down systems are a collaborative effort by The JNE Group of Companies. JNE Automation, our division dedicated to process control systems, supplied the custom-designed panel and programming for the automated units. The Fabrication team at Triple Crown Enterprises (TCE) assembled the stainless steel hopper and auger system.

The units have been shipped to the facility outside of Ottawa. The completion of this project demonstrates another successful collaboration between teams within The JNE Group, and will also allow JNE Environmental to expand its product line to offer automated polymer make-down units to customers across a wide range of industries.

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