Dual DAF Wastewater Treatment System for a European Plastic Recycling Company’s New Facility

Dual DAF Wastewater Treatment System for a European Plastic Recycling Company’s New Facility

May 9, 2019JNE Environmental has designed and is currently manufacturing a 40 m3/hr dual Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) wastewater treatment system for a European plastic recycling company that is building a new facility in Canada.

This plastic recycling process represents a unique and significant impact to the environment and JNE is proud to play a role in the process. This project is the largest project in JNE Environmental’s history and is commissioning in late 2019.

The application of JNE’s wastewater treatment system in the new plant is unique as the treated effluent from the JNE DAF units will be re-used in the client’s production process. JNE’s technology delivers a closed-loop water treatment system for the client.

The re-use of the process water represents significant cost savings and can potentially lead to a notable competitive advantage for our customer. Re-using the treated water also reduces the plant’s overall water consumption thereby creating a smaller ecological footprint.

We will be partnering with other teams within the JNE Group of Companies for this project. JNE Automation will provide the overall control system and Triple Crown Enterprises (TCE) will be fabricating the JNE-engineered DAF units.

JNE Environmental was awarded this project because of our ability to offer a full-service, non-stop wastewater treatment solution to allow the client to focus on their core business instead of worrying about their wastewater. This process began with a simple jar test and evolved into a fully designed, engineered, fabricated and supplied system provided completely by JNE Environmental and the JNE Group of Companies.

We are proud of this opportunity not only for the chance to provide a treatment solution to a new client, but to also work with our them to help make a difference in the overall health of our environment.

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