Carbon Dioxide
pH Correction System

Carbon Dioxide pH Correction System

Eco-friendly and cost-effective, JNE’s carbon dioxide pH correction system will “shake up” your expectations on conventional wastewater treatment.

October 8, 2019 — pH correction is at the core of wastewater treatment; nearly every treatment system requires it to some degree.  Wastewater systems that receive high pH streams must decrease the pH levels before further treatment or discharge to the sewer.  Typically, this is achieved with industrial strength acids, which require specialized tanks, tubing, fittings, and pump heads.  Additional safety measures, such as the need for training, protective equipment, pump and tank containment, splash shields, etc. are often required as well.   These acids also add anions such as Chlorides and Sulfates to the water.

Some industrial practices struggle with the use of these acids, especially when discharging to land or water bodies or in open, constantly changing construction and drilling sites.  JNE Environmental has developed a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly pH correction solution — using the same principles as carbonated soda.  This process does not result in the addition of Chlorides or Sulfates.

A recycled water stream is taken from the discharge of the treatment system and is saturated with pressurized carbon dioxide gas in a specially designed saturation tank.  This carbon dioxide saturated water is then released into the incoming high pH wastewater stream and acts as an acid, bringing the pH down into the programmed range.  This process can achieve the desired result without the use of expensive plastics, dangerous industrial acids, or specialized protective equipment. Operators only need to change the commercially available CO2 cylinders.

The skid mounted unit comes complete with a high-pressure pump, saturation tank with level control, pH controller and probe, and system control panel.  Our system, capable of delivering 80 lbs./hr. (36 kg/hr.) of dissolved CO2, has a small ecological footprint and is a cost-effective alternative to industrial acids, reducing system maintenance costs and eliminating the need for expensive plastics and complex safety equipment solutions.

JNE’s carbon dioxide pH correction system may be applied to construction site water treatment, drilling water treatment, jet grout water treatment, concrete wash out water treatment, and many other industrial applications.  Contact JNE Environmental today to see if this treatment system is right for you.

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