Delivering Exceptional Fluoride Removal — Right to Your Door

Delivering Exceptional Fluoride Removal — Right to Your Door

JNE Environmental has designed, built in-house, and shipped fluoride batch treatment and pH correction systems to an ultrapure chemical manufacturer in Reno, Nevada.

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October 21, 2019 — JNE Environmental’s fluoride treatment system is comprised of an incoming equalization tank, a specialized cone-bottom reaction tank, sludge waste holding tank, and a discharge effluent equalization tank.  The reaction tank — an integral part of this treatment system — uses a new JNE-engineered chemical coagulant to remove nearly all the fluoride in this wastewater stream to allow for safe discharge into the sewer system.

This treatment system is fully automated, thanks to the hard working team at JNE Automation.  The programmable logic controller (PLC) measures the levels in the tanks using primary and backup level detection, as well as turbidity measurement.  The wastewater is then pumped to the appropriate tanks until it can be treated and discharged to the pH correction system, which was also designed, built, and supplied by JNE.  This pH correction system receives multiple wastewater streams from various areas of the plant and provides triple pH measurement and control to ensure that the wastewater being discharged to the sewer is always within the acceptable pH range.

JNE’s fluoride batch treatment system can be applied to both standard and ultrapure chemical manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, lab wastewater treatment, and any other wastewater that requires fluoride removal.  We may be able to deliver and commission a system for your company — contact JNE Environmental today to learn about our many other industrial applications.

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