Foam Suppression System for Soap Manufacturer

Foam Suppression System for Soap Manufacturer

In some industries, foam generated from wastewater and clean-in-place (CIP) procedures can get out of control and overwhelm manhole systems, production room trenches, and treatment tanks. It can be both unsightly and a hazard for workers.

A soap manufacturer in the Toronto area had issues with excessive foaming in production areas, wastewater tanks, and sewer systems on their property. They were consuming significant volumes of de-foaming chemicals and still encountering issues. They turned to JNE Environmental for a plant assessment and solution.

After investigating, JNE was able to find several areas of opportunity to reduce air entrainment in the flow boards and piping systems. In addition to this, JNE built a 1:16 scale model of their sewer discharge to test design parameters of foam suppression using specialized sprayers.

Excessive foaming in production areas.
JNE Environmental assesses the situation.

Using these design parameters, JNE built and installed a full scale water spray system for the discharge equalization tank and sewer manhole.

Full scale water spray system.

During a 36 hour testing period, no defoamer was used in the plant. The new operational procedures and spray system maintained foam levels throughout the facility and the spray system was permanently installed. These changes eliminated the use of expensive de-foaming products for this customer.

Is your manufacturing facility plagued by out-of-control foam? JNE can assess your plant and build a solution.

We take the worry out of your wastewater.

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