Polymers for the drilling, tunneling, and mining industries

Polymers for the drilling, tunneling, and mining industries

Modern day mining, tunneling, jet and pressure grouting, drilling, and similar activities require a lot of water to maintain ongoing operation. These industries use water to remove ground material, cool and lubricate machinery, and to control dust. During these processes, pollutants such as trace metals, radionuclides, oils, silicates, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other compounds become waterborne. This contaminated water cannot go back into the ground as it may bring these pollutants directly into other important underground water sources such as aquifers and water tables. As a result, the water must be treated or disposed of properly.

A water down-spout, as pictured here, is common in many industrial processes.

There are several considerations to treating this water depending on which underground geography it was used, and which pollutants it now contains:

High pH: Wastewater from these activities often has very high pH and alkalinity due to carbonate compounds in the rock and dirt. JNE has a full line of liquid pH reducers as well as CO2 gas-based pH reduction technologies.

Oils and emulsified pollutants: Process water can pick up oils, VOCs, and other organic compounds and emulsified pollutants. JNE’s 700 series of liquid chemical solutions can be used to separate these pollutants from the water.

Metals and other contaminants: If the water contains metals, radionuclides, or other difficult to treat contaminants, JNE’s 2000 series of treatment coagulants can be used to precipitate and remove them from solution.

Solids content: The bulk of the solids content is traditionally dirt, rock and dust forming a liquid mud. JNE’s 3000 series polymers have a proven track record of effectively separating mud prior to physical removal technologies like centrifuges, clarifiers, or separation ponds.

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