February 9, 2022

The demand for more power in plants is becoming a fundamental problem for many process owners as aging electrical infrastructure is pushed rapidly toward its end-of-life, necessitating the need for new equipment and system upgrades.

However, as the supply chain continues to suffer ongoing global disruptions throughout the pandemic, rapidly increasing costs across various sectors have tightened financial constraints for plant owners looking to upgrade their power systems.

JNE’s experienced electrical team can help you navigate this process. With our proven electrical engineering expertise, JNE can help you save time and money by conducting a thorough power system analysis to determine your best upgrade solution without compromising quality, safety, or reliability.

Through collaboration with process owners, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), local utility companies (LDCs), and other key stakeholders, our team can gather the appropriate data to model and simulate the behaviour of plant power systems and use this information to develop applicable equipment specifications to meet your process needs.

Planning upgrades to power systems requires the skill and expertise of an Electrical Engineer, and JNE’s team is here to help. Before making a decision on procuring new equipment, reach out to to discuss your future plant expansion goals. Our team will work with you to ensure that your power system, no matter its existing condition, will be robust, safe, and reliable to make your process goals an executable reality.

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