Wastewater Treatment

Treating emulsified cooking oil is no tasty task,
but JNE can treat it to compliance for safe disposal.

Cooking oil, an integral component in food preparation, is used to make some of the tastiest foods around the world.  But when mixed with cleaners and put down the drain, it is definitely not tasty to treat.

A potato chip manufacturer in the Toronto area approached JNE Environmental to tackle a problem with their oily wastewater. The wastewater from their production lines was packed with starches, fats, oil, and grease; all emulsified with cleaners. This creates a particularly difficult concoction for treatment systems to treat the wastewater to sewer compliance.

With billions of gallons of experience with difficult wastewater, JNE Environmental was ready to put our team’s expertise to use. To prove it, our technicians treated totes of the customer’s wastewater with a pilot plant set up at our facility in Burlington.

JNE Environmental’s Pilot Plant treating the oily, emulsified wastewater.

Once it was demonstrated that the pilot plant was able to generate clear, treated effluent from the potato chip manufacturer’s original wastewater, the customer decided to proceed to the next steps towards a complete wastewater treatment system.  JNE then designed, manufactured, automated, and assembled the wastewater treatment system in-house at our Burlington facility.

The untreated and treated wastewater from the Pilot Plant trial.
The treatment system assembled in our facility, ready to be shipped.
The system included a cost-effective automation solution designed, assembled, and programmed in-house at JNE Environmental.

The completed system was then shipped to the customer, installed, and commissioned at their facility.  Testing of dissolved air flotation (DAF) effluent during commissioning confirmed the new system achieved sewer by-law compliance of the tricky wastewater.

Clear DAF effluent.
The commissioned wastewater treatment system in action.

Are you struggling with emulsified, oily wastewater or other difficult wastewater issues?

If you have received a notice of violation, JNE Environmental can help you through the entire process of reaching sewer by-law compliance including municipal compliance plans, system design, manufacturing, automation, commissioning, chemical supply, and ongoing service and maintenance. Reach out to our experts today to see how we can help.

We take the worry out of your wastewater.

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