March 23, 2022

How does JNE Automation commission a control system in short shutdown windows?

At JNE Automation, our specialists work with many continuous processing customers that implement strict shutdown windows.  These windows can be as short as 72 hours to install, commission, and start up the new system. Delays when commissioning a system have compounding effects on the customers’ production schedules and ability to meet their delivery commitments. Through a continuous improvement culture, JNE Automation has developed standard testing, simulation, and onsite practices that reduce the risk of delayed start-up of a new control system.

In advance of the customer-witnessed factory acceptance testing (FAT), JNE extensively simulates the functionality of the new control system. Working from the functional description developed early in the design phase, testing check lists are created to test every functional sequence in the system. The functional sequences are tested using hardwired signals, instead of toggled bits. This process serves to not only verify the program, but the panel’s hardware as well.

When onsite, a JNE Automation system integrator starts with IO checks. Every field device is thoroughly scrutinized to ensure the system is properly wired. Next, actuators and instruments are bump tested to ensure the controller and field device are functioning properly. When the system integrator is satisfied that the system is installed properly, the same functional sequence testing used in the FAT is completed.

The system integrator’s job is not finished with the client’s sign-off on the site acceptance test (SAT). Following the SAT, the system integrator remains onsite to provide post-start-up support. During this time, the system integrator trains operators and maintenance personnel on the new system.

Getting a process back up and running as quickly as possible is vital to ensuring the success of our client’s control system investments. Spending the time to simulate and test every functional sequence of the system at the shop saves valuable time onsite during the strict shutdown window.

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