Made in Canada: New Coagulants for Improved Wastewater Treatment Chemistry

JNE Environmental is excited to announce the development of our very own line of engineered wastewater treatment coagulants manufactured in-house with both Canadian and internationally sourced raw feedstocks.

This new line of wastewater treatment products, made in Canada, enables our technicians to improve chemical treatment solutions tailored to each client, maximizing treatment efficiency and minimizing the final cost to the customer.

These new coagulants belong to a group of molecules called Poly-Aluminum Chlorides (PAC).  At the time of manufacturing, we combine various feedstocks and additives to change the final product’s properties. The range of additives used in the process gives us greater control of the coagulant’s pH, treatment range, and resulting wastewater sludge quality.

Lab testing at JNE Environmental.

We performed jar testing using existing customers’ wastewater throughout the development process to determine the efficacy of the product line.  The resulting chemistry is effective on a wide range of wastewaters and performs equivalent to or better than traditional coagulants.  This product can be tailored to a low pH for wastewater that requires an acidic coagulant as well as a higher pH for more neutral wastewater.

Jar testing a range of new PAC products.

If you are interested in trying our new line of treatment coagulants, please contact us for a no-obligation, free site visit to assess your wastewater treatment needs.

Whether improving the performance of an existing treatment system or designing and manufacturing a new one, our people at JNE Environmental are your go-to wastewater treatment experts.

We take the worry out of your wastewater.

Contact JNE Environmental today for a free, no-obligation site visit.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation site visit.

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