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JNE reaches annual Movember fundraising target

With this year’s fundraising total, JNE has raised over $25,000 towards men's health awareness since the team’s formation in 2018. We are extremely grateful to everyone who supported our efforts this year and helped us contribute towards a global mission of reducing men's mortality rate by 25 per cent by 2030. We are proud to support the Movember Foundation and look forward to future fundraising efforts.

JNE reaches annual Movember fundraising target2022-12-02T15:24:22+00:00

JNE at the OSPE Engineering Conference 2022

Representatives of the JNE Group of Companies attended the Ontario Society of Professional Engineers (OSPE) Engineering Conference in Ottawa, Ontario on November 3, 2022. The event, Canada's largest forum for engineering, diversity, and recruitment, was a fantastic opportunity to connect with young professionals, students, and subject matter experts in the engineering industry.

JNE at the OSPE Engineering Conference 20222022-11-09T15:41:07+00:00

Made in Canada: New Coagulants for Improved Wastewater Treatment Chemistry

JNE Environmental is excited to announce the development of our very own line of engineered wastewater treatment coagulants manufactured in-house with both Canadian and internationally sourced raw feedstocks.

Made in Canada: New Coagulants for Improved Wastewater Treatment Chemistry2022-07-04T20:06:24+00:00

Deep-Fried Wastewater Treatment

A potato chip manufacturer in the Toronto area approached JNE Environmental to tackle a problem with their oily wastewater. The wastewater from their production lines was packed with starches, fats, oil, and grease; all emulsified with cleaners. This creates a particularly difficult concoction for treatment systems to treat the wastewater to sewer compliance.

Deep-Fried Wastewater Treatment2022-04-19T17:53:11+00:00

Incoming plant power distribution design and upgrades

Looking to expand your plant or replace aging infrastructure? We work with you to ensure your power system is robust, safe, and reliable to help bring your process goals to reality. Through collaboration with process owners, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), local utility companies (LDCs), and other key stakeholders, our team can gather the appropriate data to model and simulate the behaviour of plant power systems to develop applicable equipment specifications to meet your process needs.

Incoming plant power distribution design and upgrades2022-02-09T17:13:51+00:00

Coming clean about soapy wastewater treatment

What happens to soapy water after it goes down the drain? The events of the past two years have seen everyone keeping clean by thoroughly washing their hands and constantly rinsing with soapy water. But how do you clean the water that is used for cleaning? JNE Environmental was approached to solve this exact problem.

Coming clean about soapy wastewater treatment2022-01-13T20:13:59+00:00

Understanding Arc Flash Electrical Hazards

Arc flashes, one of the most disastrous and least understood electrical hazards in the workplace, are usually caused by inadvertent contact between an energized conductor with another energized conductor or a grounded surface. These can cause devastating injuries and equipment damage. JNE can provide complete short circuit, arc flash, and relay coordination studies of your facility to help ensure the latest regulations are maintained and employee safety remains a top priority.

Understanding Arc Flash Electrical Hazards2021-11-17T14:32:53+00:00