Boiler Upgrades

Our expertise and experience in this area has allowed us to help our clients meet the standards necessary to operate in today’s world. With our years of experience in continuous process control, coupled with our certification to TÜV standards, we are able to offer you the best solutions designed to the latest NFPA IEC standards (IEC-61511), Canadian Standards Association (CSA B149.3 2015), and Technical Standards Safety Authority (TSSA).

How We Can Help

  • Burner Valve Train TSSA/CSA Requirement Review

  • Burner Safety System Design

  • Generating the Bill of Material

  • Confirming use of Certified Operating System and Safety Hardware

  • Providing the required Safety System Interfaces

  • Submission of Documentation to TSSA on your behalf

  • Providing TSSA Documentation:

    • Burner Safety System Panel Design & Layout
    • Functional Design Specification
    • Input/Output and Alarm Lists
    • Safety System Schematic Diagrams
    • P.Eng System Review — Letter to TSSA
  • Support through the entire TSSA Review Process

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