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JNE Environmental’s latest news and project case studies.


JNE Environmental’s latest news and project case studies.

Achieving Sewer Compliance through pH Correction

A beverage manufacturer in the Toronto area was facing notices of violation from their municipality stating their wastewater pH was too acidic and out of compliance. Their existing treatment system was being overloaded with high flow rates and could no longer keep up. That is when they turned to JNE Environmental for assistance.

May 13th, 2020|

Rental Unit Boosts Treatment Power for Steel Manufacturer

A prominent steel coke manufacturer in Detroit reached out to JNE Environmental for assistance. Their dissolved air treatment system was not capable of floating their sludge waste and was performing well below acceptable standards. JNE proposed a new, properly engineered recycled air stream (RAS) system to deliver sufficient dissolved air into their chemically treated waste stream.

April 2nd, 2020|

Delivering Exceptional Fluoride Removal — Right to Your Door

JNE Environmental has designed, built in-house, and shipped Fluoride batch treatment and pH correction systems to an ultrapure chemical manufacturer in Reno, Nevada. The fluoride treatment system is comprised of an incoming equalization tank, a specialized cone-bottom reaction tank, sludge waste holding tank, and a discharge effluent equalization tank to allow for safe discharge into the sewer system.

October 21st, 2019|