Whatever pollutant you may be facing, JNE Environmental has a full line of engineered chemical solutions to treat your wastewater.

We stock, blend, and sell coagulants for chemical treatment, flocculants and polymers for dewatering and separation, acids and caustics for pH adjustment, and specialty chemicals for various other solutions. Whether our chemicals are used with your existing system or with our own locally manufactured equipment, we can test and supply a chemical regimen to treat your wastewater. We offer performance guarantees and 24/7 support with our products for your peace of mind.

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JNE Product # 208 281 510 709 710 720 1002 2020 2035 2039 2133 2170 2890
Fats, Oil and Grease (FOG) removal
BOD/COD reduction
Oil Emulsion separation
Mud separation
Total Suspended Solids (TSS) removal
Turbidity removal and Clarification
Phosphorous (P, PO4) removal
Total Nitrogen (TN, TKN) reduction
Fluoride (F) removal
Metals removal
Volatile Compound (VOC) removal
Soap and Surfactant removal
Organic Waste separation
Colour removal
JNE Product # 510 3003 3010 3015 3115 3140 3144 3215 3225 3299 4044
Coagulant Treatment Flocculation
Primary Organic Waste Separation
DAF Sludge Dewatering
Clarifier Sludge Dewatering
Mud Separation
Mud Solidification
Organic and Food Waste Solidification
Industrial Waste Solidification
Water Absorption
Pre-Centrifuge Treatment
Pre-Filter Press Treatment
Biological Sludge Separation
JNE Product # SA93 SA50 CS50 CS25 CAP CO2 208 281 2020 2890
Aggressive pH Increase
Aggressive pH Decrease
Mild pH Increase
Mild pH Decrease
Solid-Based pH Decrease
Gas-Based pH Decrease
JNE Product # 385 621 626 630 633 1011
Metal Removal
Algae Control
Solubility and Dispersion Aid
Corrosion Inhibition

We take the worry out of your wastewater.

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Contact us today for a free, no-obligation site visit.

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