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JNE is your 1-step resource
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From start to finish, we provide initial testing, system design, manufacturing, commissioning, chemical supply, training, and on-going support.

Treatment Systems

We can design, locally manufacture, and supply a complete wastewater treatment solution to suit your needs.

From the first site visit, through design and manufacturing, to ongoing service and end operator training, JNE can supply the entire process.  We even provide performance guarantees with our equipment helping you reach sewer by-law compliance.  Whatever pollutant you may be facing, JNE Environmental has equipment and chemical solutions to treat any kind of wastewater.

Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) can be found in many industrial wastewaters from Food and Beverage, to Steel Coke manufacturing, to Beauty Care products. JNE’s lines of equipment and chemicals remove 90-100% of FOG from wastewater. A treatment process may combine JNE’s lines of Coagulants, Flocculants, and pH Adjustment chemicals with a Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) based system.  See how JNE removed FOG from industrial laundry wastewater.

Nearly every wastewater contains Total Suspended Solids and Turbidity as they are primary measures of pollutants in water. Whether it comes from Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), or anything in between, JNE’s lines of treatment chemicals, Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) Units and equipment are capable of removing nearly all TSS resulting in water so clear you’ll ask if you can drink it. See how JNE upgraded a DAF unit at a steel coke manufacturer to better remove solids.

Wastewater that is too acidic or caustic can damage sewer lines and be detrimental to municipal treatment processes. As such, pH correction is often one of the first steps to meeting sewer by-law compliance. JNE’s pH adjustment chemicals can be coupled with a custom treatment system to bring your wastewater discharge into your region’s acceptable pH range. See how JNE performed large scale pH correction for a beverage manufacturer.

BOD and COD are measures of oxidizable material in wastewater. Concentrations that are too high put excess load on municipal treatment systems. However municipalities often understand that removing 100% of BOD/COD is difficult. As such, this is one of the few pollutants that is surchargable. JNE treatment systems are capable of minimizing BOD/COD to lower or eliminate surcharge agreements. See how JNE minimizes BOD for organics processing plant.

From pasta manufacturing to its use in cleaners, phosphorus can be found in most things. JNE’s wastewater treatment processes typically remove 90-100% of the total phosphorus for a given application. For particularly difficult to remove phosphorus and phosphates, we have designed the JNE 700 series. See how JNE removed 96% of the total phosphorus from a beef abattoir.

Fluoride often enters wastewater from specialty processes like high purity chemical manufacturing or Automotive coatings and can be difficult to remove without the right products. The JNE 1002 coagulant has been developed specifically for this purpose and can remove over 90% of Fluoride in most applications. See how JNE built a Fluoride removal system for high purity chemical manufacturer.

Various sewer by-law controlled metals can be toxic to municipal biological treatment systems, the environment, and even people. It is important to properly treat and recycle them. JNE’s 30+ years of experience and lines of treatment chemicals can remove and contain any metal contaminant found in wastewater. See how JNE captures Nickel in new solidifying agents for recycling

Volatile organic compounds are carbon-based molecules that act as solvents, vaporize into the air, and can cause various health effects to people and the environment. Molecules like chloroform, gasoline, toluene, phenols, and benzene containing compounds contribute to the long list of VOCs. JNE’s lines of stripper towers and air phase oxidation technologies can effectively remove and destroy VOCs. See how JNE’s pilot plant destroyed all airborne VOCs for a resin manufacturer.

If you have an uncommon, difficult, or unknown pollutant or treatment requirement, JNE is up to the challenge. Our 30+ years and billions of gallons of treatment experience make us well suited to treat any wastewater. Contact us today to see how we can help. See case studies where JNE has taken the worry out of someone’s wastewater.


Unlike many of our competitors, we manufacture our own equipment locally in Ontario instead of rebranding machinery from overseas.  All of our products use locally sourced steel and equipment promoting North American businesses.


Unlike many of our competitors, we manufacture our own equipment locally in Ontario instead of rebranding machinery from overseas.  All of our products use locally sourced steel and equipment promoting North American businesses.