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3D Modeling and Design

Animated design models and videos are included in some engineering processes for improved conceptualization and visualization of projects.

JNE’s strategy is adopting the right technologies to ensure value to its clients by helping them design better products, reduce development costs and get to market faster. Over the past few years, JNE’s 3D modeling team has employed Digital Modeling technology to excel in the area of machine design services.

JNE’s recent projects in material handling, process automation and machinery for tube mills and finishing plants have required solutions for everything from single process improvements to those requiring the capture of an entire process line or machine. The use of 3D imagery at the beginning stages of each project improved client collaboration, allowed for design intent to be captured and ensured timely detection of potential problems.

Mastering fully integrated 3D modeling systems, JNE produces animated “physical” models of steel structures, machinery parts and more based on 2D drawings, sketches, design concepts or other client-identified special requirements. Resulting in “real world” views, the physical models permit true walkthroughs, enable clash detection and allow for verification of changes or modifications prior to construction. JNE’s clients benefit from overall lower project costs and time savings realized when virtual modifications trigger early model redesign and update to GA drawings.

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