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Caster and KOBM Control

ControlLogix Platform Integration

JNE Automation, in conjunction with two other automation companies, was awarded contracts for upgrades to a steel manufacturer’s caster control system and klockner oxygen blown maxhutte (KOBM) controls and drives.

The Caster project consisted of implementing a new ControlLogix platform across a number of existing PLCs, as well as replacing the existing DCS. JNE’s scope of work included the design and supply of panel inserts housing the new ControlLogix equipment and the design of the software for the DCS replacement. In addition, JNE Automation was responsible for the required construction engineering and contractor coordination to install the new equipment.

The KOBM project included the implementation of a new ControlLogix platform across portions of the existing Control System, the replacement of the existing DCS system and the replacement of a portion of the existing drive systems. JNE Automation’s scope included the design and supply of the new ControlLogix PLC panel inserts and the design of the software for the DCS replacement.

Our automation partner provided all the control system equipment, technical support and PLC program conversion.

The project’s new Control Systems were installed in parallel with the existing systems to ensure the converted software operates in the same manner as the existing program. This “shadowing” occurs over a period of time until the new ControlLogix platform takes control of the process and the existing control systems are turned off. This approach greatly reduced the risks associated with implementing a new system, and thus the unscheduled downtime.

The Caster Project was scheduled for completion mid 2006, with the KOBM complete early 2007.

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