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Hot Mill Control System Upgrade

Project Definition Services

JNE Automation, together with a major steel manufacturer, provided site investigation services and project definition services for the replacement of the existing Level 1 Control Systems for their Hot Strip Mill.  The existing systems were contributing to unscheduled stoppages and required high levels of maintenance to keep the mill running.

The DCS and PLC control systems to be replaced were on the Rougher Mill, the downcoilers and the reheat furnaces.  The existing systems were 1980s vintage and spares were scarce and expensive.

The goal of the project was to carry out a phased changeover of the existing Level 1 control systems in a manner that would minimize the risk to the mill operations and would be carried out without unscheduled downtime.

JNE Automation was responsible for managing the process to produce the definition and subsequent installation scope of work and to manage installation estimates and construction engineering estimates.  The report involved field investigation of the existing control systems and drives, development of a changeover plan, preparation of a scope of work for the change-over and estimates for construction engineering and contractor cost budgets.

JNE’s involvement in the project enabled the client to successfully install the control system upgrades and replacements.

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