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Industrial Alcohol Expansion

Plant expansion and conversion to increase market growth.

One of Canada’s largest ethanol producers engaged JNE Consulting to provide construction engineering services for the Industrial Alcohol Expansion Project. The expansion project was vital for the client to keep up with growing customer demand for industrial alcohol. The adjusted production output resulting from the expansion would help the company gain domestic and international market share.

JNE provided construction engineering services including civil, structural, mechanical, piping, and electrical work to the standards set by the client’s specifications. Construction scheduling was a challenge that the project team at JNE had to overcome, as the plant was required to maintain ongoing production during the construction phase of the project. Despite the tight scheduling restrictions, the project team successfully completed the proposed deliverables by coordinating with the operations of the plant, ensuring the work was completed with minimal interference to ongoing production.

The project team’s use of three-dimensional (3D) modelling software attributed to this success. The purpose of 3D modelling software is to uncover key issues that might be difficult to foresee without a preliminary visual rendering. These issues could potentially result in costly errors and delays during physical construction. JNE used 3D software to create virtual models, which were then incorporated into the basis of a detailed construction package before the physical construction process began. As proven with the success of this project, JNE is confident that this preventative measure is an effective way to fast-track projects while also being economically beneficial.

This project was critical for the client in terms of time and scope, as the plant needed to quickly expand production output to meet increased consumer demand. Despite the tight scheduling and unique design of the expansion, JNE completed the required construction engineering services on time and on budget. The success of JNE’s project team has allowed the client to gain domestic and international market share and continue towards its projected production increase of 50 to 75 percent.

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