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Pickle Line

Integration without interruptions

JNE created a new facility for Dofasco that combined a new pickle line with an existing tandem cold mill. The facility allowed for the continuous production of 2.3 million short tons per year suitable for the automotive exposed market.

This was a brownfield project. The equipment was installed in an existing building known as the “Hot Rolled Coil Storage Building,” where modifications were made to make it suitable for the process. Additional construction enclosed the new equipment that transports the strip to the cold mill in a continuous fashion. An assessment of the existing building’s structural integrity was conducted, and any remedial work was included in the appropriate work package.

The cold mill was modified over a series of planned shutdowns, scheduled at intervals that were aligned with market requirements. This work presented the greatest risk to the project because shutdown overruns could have resulted in interruptions to customer shipments. Because of this, detailed schedules and work plans were developed in advance of each shutdown.

JNE identified the types and quantities of services and utilities required to support and to maintain the new facility. Our operations were coordinated with the construction and commissioning of the new Acid Regeneration Plant required for the operation of the pickle line.

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