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Semi-Direct Coal Firing System

Lime Kiln Fuel Conversion Project

JNE Consulting was retained by Carmeuse Lime Canada to provide civil and mechanical engineering services for a kiln fuel conversion project at the Carmeuse Lime Stone facility in Beachville, Ontario.

Presently the fuel system for the kiln is natural gas. The goal is to phase out natural gas and eventually use 100% pulverized coal as the fuel system. The new coal pulverization system included receiving raw coal, conveying it up to a 200-ton storage bin and then feeding coal into a grinding mill. The existing head section was modified to provide a hood in order to capture hot air from the kiln for coal drying inside the grinding mill. The new system consists of other equipment such as a cyclone, ducting, explosion vents, blower fan, weigh feeder, venture, and a new dual fuel burner section, including service platforms.

JNE Consulting also provided Pre-Start Health and Safety Review (PHSR) services. The new fuel system project was completed on time.

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