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Spray Dryer

Pharmaceutical Process Equipment

The project included the construction of a two storey, 7,000-square-foot building addition to house process equipment to make generic medium potency antibiotic drug products. Front end engineering was provided to assist in determining the design basis for the project.

The building included GMP areas for production, work-in-process storage and solution preparation as well as non-GMP spaces for mechanical and electrical services, a control room and a warehouse.

The vendor-supplied spray dryer process was augmented with process ancillary systems, safety systems for the flammable acetone solvent and a solvent recovery system to satisfy Ministry of the Environment requirements. JNE provided design for the following process ancillary systems:

  • Acetone system (bulk storage and day tanks)

  • Spent solvent system

  • Feed preparation system

  • Nitrogen blanket system

  • Purified water addition

  • Chilled glycol system

  • CIP system

JNE defined the function and interdependencies of the building services equipment and the process ancillary equipment as they related to the vendor supplied spray dryer process equipment and the building automation system (BAS).

JNE performed overall design coordination of the multi-company design team and provided mechanical and piping systems detailed design, process safety, building services and HVAC detailed design as well as start-up and commissioning support. Complete building services design was also provided:

  • Process area HVAC

  • Chilled propylene glycol

  • Primary heating glycol

  • Domestic hot and cold water

  • Purified water

  • High pressure water

  • Steam and condensate

  • Dust collection

  • Chilled propylene glycol

  • Housekeeping vacuum

  • Humidification

  • Warehouse area services

  • Warehouse HVAC

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