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We are committed to the continuous improvement of our quality system, with an eye to satisfying clients.

JNE Consulting Ltd. has been ISO registered since 1996. Currently, we are registered to the 9001:2015 standard. From small single discipline to large multi-discipline projects, all work is completed within our Job Quality System (JQS). The JQS Committee includes a cross section of departments and employment levels and is under the direction of the Vice President of Engineering.

Project deliverables are completed to a benchmark that meets or exceeds industry standards.  By eliminating errors from project outset, prices and projections remain accurate through to construction and help to minimize overall project cost.


A semi-annual external audit is conducted by our registrar, BSI Management Services, ensuring that our standards and procedures are not only maintained, but continually improved. We strongly believe in the importance of our Quality System and strive to deliver exceptional quality, and consistent products and services to each of our clients.

Nuclear Quality System

JNE Consulting has invested in developing and deploying a Nuclear Quality Management System (NQS) to meet the high quality and traceability requirements for the nuclear industry.  Our NQS ensures that our engineering deliverables are compliant with both CSA N286-05 and CAN3-Z299.1

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